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Protein Iced Coffee

14th April 2017
Superfoodio Misfits Protein Iced Coffee

This Protein Iced Coffee using Missfits Coffee Multitasker from our April Classic Box is the perfect drink for all of the coffee lovers out there!

Serves 1 | Prep Time 5 minutes


– 1 sachet MissFits Coffee Multitasker (in our April Classic Box)
– 1 banana, chopped and frozen
– 300ml almond milk

Optional Extras:
– Ice Cubes
– Cacao Nibs


To make the Iced Coffee, simply add all of the ingredients, except the ice and cacao nibs, into a high powered blender and blend until mixed together.

Pour into serving glasses, sprinkle some cacao nibs and pop in a few ice cubes if desired. Enjoy as an afternoon pick me up.

TIP: If you have any left over, fill into an ice tray and freeze. Add the frozen cubes to any drink for a burst of protein and coffee flavour.

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