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5 facts you didn’t know about Christmas spices

3rd December 2016

Christmas is in the air! We love the festive flavours that come with this joyful time, and have included a wonderful Christmas spice mix in our December classic box so you can join in the festive fun! Here are 5 interesting facts you probably did not know about Christmas spices…

1. Christmas spices have been used to celebrate the festive season since the Middle Ages.

2. Although the spices were traded independently for years before then, they only came together as a traditional blend later when newer spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, arrived on the scene.

3. These spices were considered an expensive delicacy to incorporate into a festive feast.

4. Great for health, containing antioxidants, immune boosting properties and mood enhancers to make your Christmas a happy healthy one!

5. They taste amazing in savoury dishes as well as baking.  Why not sprinkle them on some gorgeous roast vegetables, incorporate them into a tasty gravy or even brew them as a tea for an after dinner delight.

You can find our Christmas spice mix, a perfect blend of coriander, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, fennel and clovesin this month’s Superfoodio Classic box.  Try our spiced tofu and latte recipes for some inspiration!

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