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Top 5 workout tips for winter

19th November 2016

We first met Kelly and Kyle, fitness experts and founders of KIN, at an event in London and were immediately drawn to the likeable personalities of the husband and wife duo.  Their passion for fitness and natural energy meant they were the perfect choice for this month’s guest blog.

With predictions of a long, freezing winter with sub zero temperatures ahead of us, it only seemed fitting to ask Kelly and Kyle to share their advice on how we can all keep up the motivation and fitness levels at this time of the year.  Check out their top workout tips for winter below.

1. Cosy YIN Yoga

This is one of our favourite things to do in winter; it’s so comforting and heart warming!  Light some candles, put the heating or fire on and roll your yoga mat loose to the Christmas tree.  

Start with a few seated side stretches, cat and cow and sun salutes to warm up the body for the first 10 mins.  Then indulge in the magic that is Yin!  Chose 5 poses, our favourites are Frog (Mandukasana) and Forward fold (Utanasana).  Hold each pose for 4 mins and relax in to it.  Perfect for evenings before bed.  

2. New Winter Sports Gear

Having a new seasonal wardrobe always puts a smile on our face right?  There are so many cool winter designs by activewear brands this year! One of our favourites is the new plum tones in the Fabletics winter range!  Invest in some feel good fitness wear that you can’t resist showing off!

3. Sunday Afternoon Walks

Wrap up with scarves and bobble hats, chose a route that will take around 2 hours and have a brisk walk.  A great time to do this is after a big Sunday lunch – it will help to avoid the afternoon slump, assist digestion and diminish any guilt if you have pudding later. It’s also great for catching up with friends, invite them along!

4. Work Out at Work

Let’s face it, cold morning runs in the dark are not always going to happen!  Lunch time is usually the warmest time of the day in the winter and most offices have a running club.  If yours doesn’t, create one!

5. Rest

And lastly, if you fall ill during the winter months, make sure you get lots of recovery time before training again.  Not allowing yourself to recover properly could lead to more time feeling rubbish and not being able to train for a longer period.


Try these 5 tips to keep your fitness game strong this winter.  We know we’ll definitely be taking up the Sunday strolls and cosy yoga this weekend!


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