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5 expert tips to stay healthy when flying

23rd August 2016

So you’ve got your bags packed and are ready to escape to that dream overseas holiday. To make sure that you hop off the plane feeling fresh and energetic, we asked the well travelled health coach Natasha Moutran, co-founder of The Retreat Collection to share her top 5 tips to stay healthy when flying

1. Hydrate A lot!

Drink plenty of water, before, during and after your flight. Don’t be tempted by the drinks trolley. Fizzy drinks, juices and alcohol are a big no no and not going to do you any favours on land, and definitely not in the sky! I take a litre bottle of water on to any flight, even if it’s a short one, and two if it’s long haul. As much as you can get plastic cups of water from the flight crew, it is no where near enough. Keeping hydrated will help you feel better, clearer in the head, help with jet lag, feel better in your body, joints, skin as well as helping with digestion.

2. Moisturise

When traveling, skin tends to dehydrate, puff and generally look blugh, so I make sure I moisturise on the plane and off! Always take a little moisturiser on board with you (keep it under 100ml and you’re fine). I like Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for flying as I can use it on lips, tops of my hands and even on my arms if they get dry. Mini samples are perfect to pop in your bag when flying so next time your stocking up ask for a tester facial moisturiser… I love the little Liz Earl one that is always on hand.

3. Move

It’s tempting to sit still on a plane, especially with the amazing on board entertainment they have these days and with many people traveling with iPads. However, I highly recommend trying to get up and move around, even if the toilet isn’t calling. Find a little space at the back of the plane and have a good stretch. Don’t worry about looking silly, the truth is everyone wishes they were doing exactly what you were, you may even inspire them to do the same.

4. Meditate

Flying is the perfect time to get in some amazing meditation time. Close your eyes and everyone will simply think you’re asleep and then you have plenty of time for a nice meditation. I find it helps keep me grounded, relaxed and can also help enormously with jet lag. For tips and guides on meditating you can check out our other blog posts on meditation here.

5. Stretch

Plane yoga is my new favourite thing… Yes it’s now a real thing! Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • In your seat –  circle your ankles to help circulation. Roll your shoulders both ways. Twist both ways on your seat (pretend to be smiling at that cute baby a few rows back) by holding on to the back of your chair. Stretch your arms up above your head, as if reaching for the air vent (try not to elbow the person next to you).
  • At the back of the plane – A standing forward fold is a must! You can use the wall of the airplane to do this if you want an extra stretch (be warned – you’ll get some slightly odd looks but it feels great and is so worth it). 
    • Don’t forget the Hip opener – put your right ankle over your left knee and bend your left leg with your hips on wall of the plane, then start to lean forwards slightly keeping your back straight and knee moving down. Enjoy on both sides. 
    • And finally, interlace hands behind your back and take a good stretch of chest and shoulders.

Try these 5 simple tips on your next flight and arrive ready to make the most of your getaway! Bon voyage 👋


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